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NCC is following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and other local and national health organizations. We continue to receive the most up-to-date information and are taking the following actions to date:

1. Our offices have been stocked with appropriate and effective cleaning supplies and we have increased the frequency of scheduled cleaning and sanitization across all offices.

2. We’re recommending that our employees take precautionary health measures, including frequent hand-washing, social distancing, staying home when sick and pausing all non-essential traveling. For their safety and yours.

Our commitment to our clients remains the same.



NCC is now offering Online Counseling. You can go back to in-person appointments at any time. It's Safe and Convenient - from your own home. We are living in unique times, NCC Online Counseling can get you the help you need while staying safe.

Our Focus

Finding the right mental health care is more crucial now than ever.

Anxiety, Stress and Depression is on the rise, and more people are opening up about mental illness. We are committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for our clients to face challenging issues they are experiencing and take the first steps toward feeling well and living better.

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Our Belief

NCC was founded on the belief that mental health starts at the neighborhood level, and that everyone should have access to quality care for what matters to them.

For many people, it's scary to ask for help, hard to find the right therapist, and difficult to navigate the mental healthcare system. We are working every day to deepen our understanding of the community in which we operate, to offer comprehensive and easy to access mental health care.

Deep healing occurs when therapists connect with their clients. Acknowledging ourselves as human and continuing to work on our own growth allows us to become the most capable guide for our clients, as well as giving us the fuel to empower clients' healing and growth.

We celebrate the diversity of all individuals and promote an inclusive environment. We strive to reach a broader community through our clinical, outreach, and community services. Through diversity comes understanding and growth.

My Mission

Moto: With you in mind.

Mission: To deliver optimal mental health care with compassion, respect and support. To promote emotional wellbeing and encourage true life potential. Mental health is essential to an individual’s well-being, and is fundamental to achieving a healthy, balanced, and productive life.

Vision: A world where mental wellness is the cornerstone of a healthy community. We recognize achievement of our vision depends on the combined dedication, education and commitment of our staff and those we serve.

Our Advantages

Personalized Treatment
A unique treatment plan, individualized to you.
Comfortable Clinic
Our clinic has been in the same building for over 35 years.
Licensed Counselors
Only Experienced and Licensed Counselors, guaranteed.
Practitioners Network
We can work closely with all your health practitioners
Experience Staff
All of our staff are experienced and compassionate.
Therapy Goals
Emotional wellbeing and a better life.


Our multi-disciplinary care team of Social Workers, Psychiatrists and Counselors, are dedicated to supporting our clients every step of the way. Together, as a community, we are laying the cornerstones for better, healthier lives for our neighborhood.

We provide the highest quality clinical services to enable emotional wellbeing and life potential. We are committed to our core values of respect, compassion and integrity, to protect the personal experience of each individual. Our services include assessment and treatment to those seeking assistance with mental health issues. We care for children, teens and adults and offer multiple programs to ensure you receive the best care available.