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NCC denounces all acts of racism, prejudice and hatred. 

My organization stands in solidarity against the systematic oppression of our Black community. Racism has persisted in the United States and beyond for too long and we are now living in a historical and long overdue time of change.

The path forward to creating meaningful and lasting change will take time and while words are an important part of the healing process, I believe our sustained actions are what will ensure we make an enduring difference.

NCC are committed to further diversifying our organization and using our platform to shine a light on the health and wellness of all our practitioners who have dedicated their careers to helping heal the wounds our society faces.

As the humans behind the company, we are listening. We are dedicated to creating space for the voices that deserve to be heard, the voices that our society has continuously tried to silence.

Black Lives Matter. Always.

Together, we will be the catalyst for change.

Nicoletta Pallotta MD, LCSW-R